Turns out – I’m fasting!

from Janet – the laziest dieter on the planet!

After yesterday’s post, where I told everyone I was doing the “Lazy person’s eating plan” by just not eating, Sue got in touch and told me it’s actually a thing! Who knew? Not me. I Googled, and sure enough, there’s a diet called the 16:8 fasting plan. Where you only eat for 8 hours a day.

It wasn’t clear to me, at first, whether you were supposed to just graze your way through the whole 8 hours or not, but knowing myself, I figured that was still too much time allotted for eating. That’s when I discovered the Warrior diet. On that one you fast for 20 hours and eat for 4. When I told Hubby about that one, he just burst out laughing. In the end, I decided I needed something in between. I’m going for a 6 hour window to eat.

Still awake after reading that? Good. Let’s talk about exercise. Is it necessary? Really? I was reading about people in the Mediterranean who live to be a gazillion years old. They walk a little, hang out with friends, drink wine and eat lots of great food. Nowhere in that article did it mention lifting weights, or training for a triathlon, or doing Zumba.

I think the Med Diet would be easier to do if you were actually in the Mediterranean!

Bearing this in mind, I Googled: “What’s the least amount of physical activity you need to be healthy?” The answer seems to be: 150 mins moderate aerobic activity (i.e. walking) and some strength exercises – per week. 

So, with my extensive research out of the way, this is what I’m doing:

18 hours fasting. 6 hours eating (NOT all the time!). A bit more walking. (I’m also going to look into a Pilates class that caters for fat, unfit, middle-aged women!)

So basically, I’m doing as little as possible, effort wise, and hoping to still lose weight! This way, I don’t need to plan different meals for me and my family. Or stock the cupboard with food that I normally wouldn’t eat. I don’t have to count calories, which gives me a brain freeze just thinking about it. All I need to do is resist food until 5pm. And during that time, I need to walk around a little bit more. That’s it. That’s the plan. What do you think?

Guess we’ll see next week if the scales move…

EDITED TO ADD – Today’s good intentions went down the drain and I’m starting tomorrow instead. I was all set when someone came round to visit with a pecan pie. The pie is gone now. Note to self: Tell friends not to bring cake! You have no willpower!

Tomorrow better…

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