The problem is…

from a stressed Janet…

I accidentally arranged for my home phone to be cut off this week. I’d gone online to increase the data in our broadband account, clicked the wrong button and signed us up for broadband only, no landline. Didn’t realize I’d done it until the phone went dead, and my husband’s work started calling all over town trying to find him. (He doesn’t have a cell phone because he keeps losing them, and no one had my number.) They even tried the kids’ schools, to see if they had an emergency number – turns out those were all out of date too. In the end, I got several emails asking if we had moved or were dead (drama queens!). It was only when I called my phone provider to shout at them for cutting us off that I realized the problem was me.

Which brings me to the point of this post: I’m beginning to think that it isn’t just my diet that needs work, but my life generally. I’m far too busy, and that leads to mistakes, which leads to stress, which leads to cake! Because, as we know, cake fixes everything…um…

Cutting off our phone wasn’t the only mistake I made this week. I also sent emails to the wrong people, forgot to pick the kids up from school, missed a couple of smaller deadlines, and accidentally gave an anti-histamine to the dog instead of her meds. It’s no wonder that things are slipping, because each day adds more things to my to-do list: There’s juggling my kids’ schedules – one signed up for a couple of after school activities, and the other signed up for EVERYTHING, which means working meals around them and acting as a taxi the rest of the time. There’s volunteer work with my local church and my writers group. There’s the new book I’ve just released and the work I need to do to promote it. There’s writing the next book. And edits for a third book. There are bills to pay, a house to clean (although hubby does most of that!) and about a million animals to care for. Then there’s all the admin from my work piling up, overseas visitors coming to stay, dental appointments, cars that need maintenance… it goes on and on and on!


My To-Do List!


No wonder I eat cake!

Which makes me think that lasting three whole days on my new intermittent fasting diet is a freaking miracle. But also makes me think that I need to look at everything in my life and start trimming some of the metaphorical fat from there too. Does my teen need to do everything? And do I need to take her if she does? Do I have to do all of the volunteer work I’ve agreed to do? Can I get rid of some things to free up time? Could I implement a realistic schedule for my writing, instead of playing it by ear and in the end doing too much? Do I need to cook every single day? Really? Surely it won’t kill everyone to eat sandwiches one day a week!

It seems to me that, if I just trimmed some of the fat from my life, I would be less inclined to stress eat – or to eat high-calorie food because I was in a rush, or exhausted. I think I need to have a “life diet” as well as a “food diet”. Then, I might have less need for cake, and more time to cook something we all enjoy. It’s worth a try. Right?

I’ll let you know how it goes.

One thought on “The problem is…

  1. I think going on a life diet as well as a food diet is a really important step in the process. With all the things you have on your to do list, I’m not surprised you resort to cake! Stress equals eating for me too!

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