A Dieter’s Logic is a Dangerous Thing!

from Janet – who needs a keeper!

My intermittent fasting diet was going great – until I went grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Every diet book I’ve ever read has said this is no-no. But it was either shop while hungry or order pizza for the kids’ dinner – then end up eating that as well. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. And, in my defense, my reasoning might have been affected by hunger…just sayin’…

Anyway, I was in the shop when I spotted a box of six Mr Kipling’s Bakewell Tarts and the world stopped turning on its axis for a second. You see, in New Zealand, these are a rare find. Which meant, I had to buy them. Right?

Image result for kipling bakewell tarts

Of course, when I got them home, I had to have one. Because, after all, I hadn’t had any in years and it was a little taste of home. (Although, technically, I’ve lived in NZ so long, this is home!)

So, I ate a tart. And that is where things really started to go downhill, because “dieter’s logic” kicked in and I thought:

“I shouldn’t have eaten that cake. It had about a million calories and loads of sugar. Today’s diet is ruined. But if I leave the rest of the tarts in the box, I’ll just eat them over the next few days, and that means those days will be ruined too. There’s only one solution: eat them all now, so that only today is wasted.”

So, that’s what I did.

And because the day was blown anyway, I then ordered pizza for dinner!

You might have realized by now that if you’ve come to this blog for dieting wisdom, you aren’t going to get it here! Basically, we’re just screwing up in public. I’d like to say I’ve learned from this Bakewell mistake, but past experience proves me wrong. I have, however, made a sign for beside my front door that says: DON’T SHOP HUNGRY. Here’s hoping that’s enough to fend off another derailment next week.

On the positive side – I’ve lost 2kg this week. Now I just need to stop myself from celebrating with cake!


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