A half marathon… really?

A joint post by Elizabeth and Janet.

Elizabeth’s Version of Events

I have a very good friend who is hugely supportive of my weight loss efforts and who is always looking for ways to encourage and assist me. Sadly, many of these ways involve exercise.

One of her latest suggestions was to walk another half marathon (and, yes, I have walked one before – three years and a huge number of kilograms ago). We’d choose somewhere away from home and then we could make “a lovely weekend” of it – her words, not mine, as I fail to see how walking 21kms is going to make any weekend lovely!

I practiced my speech to let her down gently. I just couldn’t commit to the training time. With working full time and really wanting to get some writing done, I didn’t need the extra pressure of another thing on my to do list. Maybe we could think about it in six months time. I was all ready to deliver this speech, but before I could, my daughter announced in front of my friend that she wanted to do it and I was stuck. There was no way I was getting out of it now.

So, what did I do?

Well, I bullied Janet in to doing it too, of course!!!

What I mean is I laid out all the benefits for her and provided support and encouragement to enable her to make this important decision on her own. I even generously provided her with a copy of my wonderfully balanced training schedule. OK, between you and me, it’s the training schedule from hell, but let’s not tell Janet that! I tried to focus more on the health benefits of walking and how we could have a grand old chat while we were walking for four hours. The course is flat and it goes through vineyards – what could be nicer than that?!

“There’d better be a whole lot of this at the end of this damn walk!” Janet

We also agreed there would be cake at the end of it. And mine will be accompanied by a stiff drink as well.

It will be fun!!! (Well, probably not, but I’m sure that’s something you’re supposed to say about these things.)

And I have started training. This morning I got up with the birds and walked into the Wither Hills behind our house (although stumbled along might be a better description). I even got to practice my stop-panting-and-look-like-your-loving-this face when I passed someone I knew. I hate to admit it, but it wasn’t so bad. It was a lovely time of day to be out and I listened to a great podcast while I was walking. Of course, it was only a 5km walk today. Ask me how I’m feeling about it in a couple of weeks when the walks get longer…

Elizabeth’s view for her morning walk.

Janet’s Version of Events

I was conned.


4 thoughts on “A half marathon… really?

  1. God, I love you ladies. I really understand your pain as I have the same struggles with my own weight loss journey. I have work colleges trying to convince me to do the Christchurch city to surf walk/run and yes I have done this before but about 8 years ago. All week I have been trying to come up with an excuse, so far I’m not winning


    1. I have a dog, Alyson. It’s short and fat (like me) and doesn’t like to walk! When I take her with me, she does fakes choking until people tell me I’m abusing her – and then I end up carrying her home. She’s a tiny con artist. 🙂


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