It’s not going well…

From Janet.

I ate five Cadbury Creme eggs last night. I’d bought a pack to hand out as treats but they were just too tempting. Also, since I’m letting it all hang out in this blog, I don’t actually know who I intended to give them to. It just seemed like a really good idea at the time. And then I ate all five. To be fair, they’re only two bites each, so that was ten bites of chocolate and sugar. Yeah, that doesn’t sound any better. There is no diet on the planet that lets you binge eat Creme eggs and still lose weight. Although, I wish with every fiber of my being that there was!

Image result for cadbury creme egg

I’ve realized the problem with the fasting diet is that having no restrictions during the time I’m allowed to eat means that I struggle to say no to anything. I am now reconsidering my diet options. Which means more book buying – yay!

As for walking. That isn’t going well either. I’ve been on two and a half training walks so far this week. The aim is to walk a half-marathon in May with my blogging buddy, Elizabeth. After doing two walks I’m convinced that our goal is completely unrealistic – but I’m committed and won’t let a little thing like reality stop me! Plus, Elizabeth would hunt me down and torture me if I backed out now.

On my last walk, the half walk I mentioned, I got grit in my eye. It felt like my eyeball was being shredded, so I went home to get hubby to deal with it. He’s an Emergency Department Nurse and used to dealing with my many accidents. He took one look at me and said, “I’ve got just the thing for that.” A minute later, he had me leaning over the sink, while he held up a tiny tube. “We’ll wash it out,” he said, “but first this will help with the pain.” And then he said the words you never want to hear from any health professional, “I think this is the right thing.”

There was no time to protest. He angled my head and squirted the tube in my eye. The liquid ran down my face and into my mouth. The pain in my eye was agonizing, then suddenly stopped. Then my face went numb. And my lips.

“I can’t feel my face!” I screamed at him.

“Oh, good,” he said. “It’s the right tube then. It’s a local anesthetic, but for a minute there, I thought it was the cat’s flea treatment.”

Just pause for a second and take that in. He thought he was squirting cat flea treatment in my eye – AND HE STILL DID IT!

Image result for cat flea treatment

Once I’d stopped freaking out, we washed out my eye and I spent the rest of the day looking like I could only cry with half my face. The upshot is that I don’t think I’m ready to walk outdoors, which seems like professional level walking to me. It would be wiser if I started in a much safer, more controlled environment – so I’ve rented a treadmill. It arrives on Wednesday. Part of me thinks I should wait to walk until it comes, but the other part of me is demanding I stop looking for excuses not to walk. It’s anybody’s guess which side will win.

I’m in two minds about the treadmill too. I have a chequered history with the machines. I’m pretty clumsy and easily distracted, which means I fall off of them a lot. I’ve also learned, the hard way, not to write and walk at the same time – after I accidentally set fire to my last treadmill. Seriously. That isn’t a joke. You can read about it here, if you’re dying to know the details.


So, to summarize:

  1. I need a new approach to dieting, as intermittent fasting isn’t working for me.
  2. I plan to do my grocery shopping online so I don’t accidentally buy chocolate and then eat it.
  3. I’m going to try walking on a treadmill for a while. At least that way if I feel like I’m dying, I don’t have to crawl back to the car to get home!

As for weight loss. Last week, I lost two kilos. This week, I put one back on. All I can say is, next week better…



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