My turn to say I was conned!

Yes, it’s my turn to say I was conned (although please note that this in no way admits that there is any truth to Janet’s claim that she was conned).
I explained in an earlier blog post that a good friend had talked me into doing this jolly half marathon in the Hawkes Bay in May. Of course, being a good friend myself, I offered this amazing opportunity to Janet and she jumped at the chance to join us.

I booked flights from Blenheim to Hastings for the weekend in question. Sadly, I did that before Air New Zealand decided to drop the price of its domestic flights. Story of my life really.

And only an hour wait in Wellington between flight in from Blenheim and flight out to Hastings!

I booked accommodation – a task everyone else doing the race had clearly already thought about, as finding somewhere to stay was like looking for the proverbial needle in the proverbial haystack, but at least I found somewhere that didn’t require another mortgage (just!). Don’t tell Janet, but thanks to the room configuration of the only room I could find, she might be getting to know me and my daughter a whole lot more intimately than she would ever have imagined (or hoped, no doubt). Looking on the bright side, I’m sure it will be good practice before we share a room in New York and go on a road trip through Louisiana. (And I have heard rumours about the sort of trouble she can get into when left on her own, so think of it as my way of looking after her!)

I started training.

The long road of lonely training walks stretching out before me

So, I sound ready, don’t I?

Well, I was. And then that good friend I spoke about, the one who convinced me that walking a half marathon was a great idea, a weekend in the Hawkes Bay would be lovely, and that we’d have a great time together… she pulled out!!! She’s not doing it. She’s terribly sorry, but she can’t make that weekend work for her any more. But… how would I like to do the Wellington half marathon with her six weeks later at the end of June? I could just continue on with my training, it would be easy. We could even go to the Opera while we were in Wellington that weekend.

I’m sure you can imagine my response!

4 thoughts on “My turn to say I was conned!

  1. You said yes, didn’t you? Because you’re easily talked into stuff like this. And it’s contagious – because then you talk me into it!!! 😀


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