Starting again…again??

I’ve been a bit down lately and, as I may have mentioned before, I eat when I’m down. So it should probably come as no surprise to anyone that I have put weight on. In fact, I’m almost back up to where I started at the beginning of the year. And yes, it’s depressing. But it’s Monday and, surprise, surprise, I’m starting again.

Janet’s post last week really resonated with me. It would be so much easier just to give in and stop worrying about all this stuff. But, as Janet said, it’s the creep that is so scary. It’s sort of like how the year seems to pass by so quickly, the weight seems to creep on at the same rate.

So, I’m starting again. Yet again. But this time I’d really like it to be the last time. And I have made some changes this time around.

The first thing I did was get rid of my eons old scales and then I bought myself a new set.

And I have finished reading the new dieting book that I posted a photo of a couple of blogs ago, “What the Fat?”, and I loved it. It made a huge amount of sense to me and I liked the philosophy behind it all. But having said that, I have decided I need more help. So the other major thing I am doing this time around is to involve the professionals. I’m going to see a dietitian to help me get a handle on everything. I have a couple of health issues that require a bit of managing with the diet, so instead of continuing to try to do this on my own, I’m going to give in and get help.

The final thing I am doing is bringing out my marbles – which is not quite what it sounds like. I’m motivated by things I can see, so I have two jars – one full of marbles and one empty jar. Each marble represents 0.5kg (approx one lb for my American friends) and as I lose the weight I move the marbles from the full jar to the empty one. These jars now have pride of place on my kitchen bench – where I can see them whenever I’m in the kitchen!

Right, so I’m off to lose my marbles. Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “Starting again…again??

  1. Mind over matter. You can do this Iona.

    Instead of having chocolate or sweets, have a piece of fruit or a tomato (tomato is my go to when feeling peckish). You could always swap out a meal for a diet shake. I’ve done that with breakfast and lunch and I’ve lost 14 kgs in 6 months.


    1. That’s great work, Phil. Well done! I just bought a packet of cherry tomatoes – I do love to snack on those!


  2. I went to a naturopath several years ago and he helped me devise a diet plan that included eliminating/reducing foods that irritated my GI tract. It’s amazing how reducing inflammation can make you feel better. The dietician will be great for helping with all that. Good plan!

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