I’ve had a great week!

I can honestly say I’ve had a great week, and it feels even better to be able to say that. Usually I’m posting about what’s gone wrong, where I screwed up, or what I did that I shouldn’t have. Well, not this week!

As my last post said, at the end of last week I was back in the position of starting again. And I did. I started again beautifully and at the end of this week I can safely state that I do not need to start again for this coming week – I just need to keep up with what I’m doing.

So, what was so good about this week?

Well, I stuck strictly to my new lifestyle plan (I prefer to call it that rather than a diet, as I want this to be sustainable long term) and the weight just fell off. Yes, I’ve been losing marbles like you wouldn’t believe. I know an element of that is simply the great kick-start you tend to get at the start of any diet (oops, lifestyle plan) and that things will slow down soon enough. However, I’m making the most of it for now and celebrating the fantastic loss I’ve had this week.

Who knew losing my marbles could be so much fun?

Of course, the other amazing thing that happened this week was that I was announced as a finalist in the Historical category of the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart contest for unpublished manuscripts.

So exciting to see my name on the list!

There’s nothing like knowing you have to mix and mingle with your fellow GH finalists and the RITA finalists, and even editors and agents, to make you determined to get at least some of that weight off before you get to New York in July.

So, after such a good week, I’m determined to keep it up. We’ll see how I go!

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